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1.Christmas : The word Christmas originated from a compound word “ Christ’s  Mass “.It is derived  from Greek word ”Christos” and from Latin  “missa”. It refers to the Holy Mass said on the eve of Christmas.

2. Date & Month : For centuries , Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. St. John Chrysostom preached a sermon in Antioch c.386 which established the date of Christmas as December 25 on the Julian calendar since the conception of Jesus [Luke 1:26 ] had been announced during the sixth month of  Elisabeth’s pregnancy with John the Baptist [Luke 1:10-13 ] as dated from the duties Zacharias performed on the Day of Atonement during the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar Ethanim or Tishri [Lev.16:29, I Kings8:2 ] which falls in September–October.

3. Year : The nativity accounts in the New Testament gospels of Matthew and Luke do not mention a date or time of year for the birth of Jesus and Karl Rahner states that the gospels do not in general provide enough details of dates to satisfy the demands of modern historians. But both Luke and Matthew associate Jesus birth with the time of king Herod, and many historians  therefore  estimate Jesus was born sometime around 4 BC.

4. Place : The Bible contains two accounts which describe the events surrounding Jesus birth. According to Gospel of Matthew, namely Matthew 1:18, and the Gospel of Luke, specifically Luke 1:26 and 2:40, Jesus was born to virgin Mary in the city of Bethlehem.

5. Christmas Crib : The Nativity scene that was made present with humans and animals at first by St Francis Assisi in the year 1223 on 24th December in Italy for those who were not able to visit the Holy land, has been replaced by statues and placed in all the churches and houses to narrate the Nativity Scene during Christmas.

6. Christmas  Tree : This is evergreen coniferous tree that is placed in the houses in the churches and in public places with decoration. This custom has been started form Livonia from 15th Cent onwards.

7. Santa Claus : St.Nicholas is considered as Santa Claus who helped the poor and whose feast we celebrate on 6th December .He is also called the Father of Christmas and all children love to receive gifts from Santa. 



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